White House Tries To Wiggle Out Of Questions About CDC

(FiveNation.com)- It appears the only thing consistent about the White House’s COVID messaging is how completely inconsistent it has been.

While the Biden Administration claims getting skeptical Americans vaccinated is a priority, the mixed messages coming out of the White House only fuel the very skepticism they want to combat.

Despite the fact that Joe Biden was fully vaccinated before he even took office, the President continued to appear in public wearing a mask – even covering his face during a Zoom meeting with other foreign leaders.

After the CDC advised that fully vaccinated people could go maskless indoors among small groups of people, President Biden met with Congressional leaders from both parties – all of whom were masked despite being fully vaccinated.

When asked by a reporter why this was the case, Press Secretary Jen Psaki skirted the question. Instead, she claimed it had “ruffled the feathers” of the RNC.

“I always feel bad about ruffling their feathers,” Psaki deflected, “but I will say that the focus of the meeting was on seeing if there is a way to move together to work toward a shared objective of investing in infrastructure, creating jobs for the American people. I think that is what most people’s focus is on.”

Despite the deflection, the reporter pressed her suggesting that Americans may be further incentivized to get vaccinated if they know they can finally get rid of their mask. “We aren’t really seeing the president lead by example,” the reporter said.

Psaki argued that the President does not wear a mask when he is outside and reiterated “the guidance is clear.”

The guidance, though ever-changing might be clear, but the President hasn’t been.

On the very day the CDC announced that nobody had to wear masks outside, President Biden made the announcement on the White House lawn. And as he approached the podium, he was wearing a mask.

On Thursday afternoon, the CDC announced that vaccinated people can ditch the masks entirely. At Friday’s press briefing, Fox News’ White House reporter Peter Doocy questioned Jen Psaki about the timing of this sudden turnaround – asking specifically if someone at the White House might have encouraged this about-face for “political reasons.”

Psaki denied it. She snarkily dismissed Doucy’s question by saying CDC Director Walensky did a number of interviews explaining why they came to the decision.

But Doocy pressed. After pointing out that only 45.6% of US adults have been fully vaccinated, Doocy asked, “So what happened to President Biden saying in March that he thought lifting mask mandates before every adult American goes and gets a shot is ‘Neanderthal thinking?’”

In her response to Doocy’s question, Psaki actually referred to President Biden as “our North star.”

If Joe Biden is America’s North Star, no wonder we’ve gotten so lost.