White House To Trumpet Return To Normalcy Despite Delta Variant

(FiveNation.com)- Despite failing to meet their July 4th vaccination goal and despite just recently fearmongering over the new Delta variant of COVID-19, Biden Administration officials spent the July 4th weekend traveling the country and telling the people that “America is Back Together.”

Interesting choice of phrase given America has never been so divided since the Civil War.

If America was really “back together” thanks to Biden’s superb handling of the COVID pandemic and vaccination program, why did President Biden have to announce on July 6 that his administration was implementing a door-to-door vaccine evangelism campaign to get people vaccinated?

Why would he need to beg people to get vaccinated?

Clearly Team Biden jumped the gun a bit in declaring victory. In fact, Joe’s “America is Back Together” tour is turning out to be George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” banner on steroids.

More than likely, this “America is Back Together” Independence Day victory tour was planned long before it became clear that Biden’s Independence Day vaccination target goal was going to fall short.

But rather than cancel, they just went ahead with it.

Never underestimate the importance of optics to the Biden (AKA Obama) people.

But it isn’t just savvy conservatives who found this victory tour ridiculous.

The COVID panic porn merchants weren’t too happy about it either.

To their way of thinking, claiming victory over the pandemic when the spooky Delta variant is still out there giving people a mild case of the virus isn’t just premature; it also sends the message to Americans that they don’t have to take the virus seriously anymore.

What’s more, declaring victory when the White House has failed to reach its projected vaccination rate may discourage Americans who remain unvaccinated from receiving the COVID vaccine.

But when has the Biden Administration not sent mixed signals about the vaccine? It’s become standard operation procedure with this lot.

What these COVID panic merchants don’t understand is Biden’s brief tenure in the Oval Office has been an abject failure on virtually every front. When you have to celebrate hot dogs costing sixteen cents less this year than last year, you are definitely desperate for some good news.

So with America’s Independence as the perfect backdrop, the Biden Team needed to project the optics that they have a big win under their belt. It doesn’t matter if it’s premature. It doesn’t matter if it’s untrue.

All that matters are the optics.