White House KISS – Rule Breakdown Turns Ugly…

(FiveNation.com)- Despite sharing hugs and a kiss on the cheek with Joe Biden (and even kissing Former President Barack Obama’s hand) at a televised White House event, White House press secretary Jen Psaki denied that President Joe Biden had been in close contact with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who has tested positive for COVID.

Instead, Psaki spoke of the CDC guideline, which defines “close contact” as someone who is less than 6 feet away from an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. The CDC guideline goes on to say that the danger of transmission for an asymptomatic individual like Nancy Pelosi begins two days before the positive test collection date.

This advice is not only arbitrary and unsupported by prospective double-blinded randomized studies, but it is also out of date since it ignores the current BA-2 Omicron subvariant. BA-2 looks to be 50-60% more transmissible than the initial Omicron variation (BA-1).

In a packed, poorly ventilated White House, the 15-minute guideline is plainly outmoded and possibly falsely reassuring. Even if some believe masks are effective, COVID is still spreading across the government, including among some members of the President’s Cabinet, regardless of whether or not there are any guidelines in place. All eyes are on the President, despite the fact that no positive test results have been reported as of yet.
But would we be told the truth if President Biden did contract COVID?

In the meantime, Kentucky Republican Senator (and Doctor) Rand Paul recently appeared on Sean Hannity’s show with some questions. He would like to know if the fully COVID vaccinated and boosted Nancy Pelosi used monoclonal antibodies to treat her infection after the Biden administration deeply rationed treatment for public use. Senator Paul believes that centralizing medical decisions in Washington DC is a danger to public health.

Separate rules for politicians and the general public are abhorrent. The public is undoubtedly tired of these Socialistic policies.