White House Cuts Off Audio Feed Of Joe Biden After Important Question

(FiveNation.com)- Joe Biden’s caustic, sarcastic and inappropriate responses certainly haven’t taken some time off while the nation deals with the catastrophe the administration unleashed in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, as a televised portion of a cybersecurity meeting in the State Dining Room was wrapping up, NBC reporter Peter Alexander asked President Biden what he would do if Americans still remained in Afghanistan after the August 31 deadline.

The President smirked then replied. However, his reply was not heard on the White House live-feed of the event because the audio was cut off.

It wasn’t until afterward that Peter Alexander tweeted out the President’s response to his question.

In addition to the inappropriate smirk, the President and Commander-in-Chief sarcastically told Alexander “You’ll be the first person I call.”

Biden clearly does not like having to talk to reporters about his disastrous withdrawal.

It is also clear that unless his staff provides him with preapproved reporters to call on, Biden is incapable of fielding challenging questions.

And because Joe Biden is and has always been a caustic, arrogant jerk, it is not at all surprising that, even with regard to extremely serious events, this is the pattern he falls back on.

Later on Wednesday, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki about the President’s joke, asking “what was so funny?”

Naturally, Psaki dodged Doocy’s question and changed the subject.

After the deadly bombings in Kabul on Thursday, when President Biden finally deigned to turn up and address the nation, that same angry, impatient, sarcastic behavior reared its ugly head.

Just moments after Biden finished feigning sadness and compassion over the death of thirteen US servicemen, he reverted to form and got sarcastic, combative and angry with Peter Doocy.

Note how tightly he gripped that binder of his – so tightly his knuckles grew white.

And while the media attempted to portray that moment when his head was down as “Biden shows compassion” or “Biden grows frustrated,” in reality, that was Joe Biden struggling to contain his fury that Peter Doocy wasn’t accepting Joe’s go-to defense that everything was Trump’s fault.

His public appearances during this ongoing disaster have only made matters worse – which may explain why the White House is reticent to put the President in front of the cameras.

And while it may be possible that President Biden’s descent into senility has simply made him volatile and easily frustrated, the truth is, this is how Joe Biden has always acted when challenged by anyone – whether it’s an average citizen, a fellow politician, or a reporter.