White House Betrays Trans Activist Who Did Illicit Things On Camera

The White House was forced to furiously back-peddle last week after a transgender model went topless at Saturday’s LGBTQ Pride Month event on the South Lawn went viral on social media.

Last Tuesday, the White House was forced to condemn transgender influencer “Rose” Montoya’s public nudity at the White House, Calling the behavior “inappropriate and disrespectful,” NBC News reported.

Montoya initially posted the video on Instagram, which features a clip of her standing in front of the White House bearing her naked surgically-implanted breasts while covering his nipples.

The video, along with several screen-captures from it, began circulating on social media on Monday, with even some on the Left criticizing Montoya’s White House strip tease.

Faced with rising criticism over Montoya’s behavior at an event with children present, a White House spokesperson condemned Montoya’s behavior, saying it was “not reflective” of the White House Pride event. According to the spokesperson, Montoya, along with those who bared their “top” surgery scars, would not be invited back to the White House.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed the controversy during Tuesday’s press briefing calling Montoya’s actions unacceptable, inappropriate, and disrespectful. Repeating the official statement, Jean-Pierre said it did not “reflect the event that we hosted.”

In response to the White House throwing him to the wolves, Montoya posted a video on Instagram blaming the controversy on “conservatives,” claiming they were trying to use the topless video to accuse the trans community of being groomers.

Montoya defended his actions saying “going topless” is “legal” in Washington DC, adding that he supports “freeing the nipple.” He asked why he was allowed to go topless when he was a man but is not allowed to go topless now that he identifies as a woman.

Montoya claimed that it wasn’t his intention to be “vulgar” or “profane,” insisting that he was only “living my truth and existing in my body.”