Washington Post Targets White Women In Sick Attack

(FiveNation.com)- In America, you can get ahead if you’re a racist…you just have to be racist towards white people. That was made evident this week when Karen Attiah announced that she was joining the Washington Post as an Opinium columnist, fulfilling a dream that she says she’s had for a long time.

On Twitter, Attiah announced that she would be writing on matters relating to “human rights,” culture, international affairs, and Texas.

It’s great news for Attiah, and it’s no wonder she’s celebrating…but Attiah has also made deeply disturbing comments online that indicate she has negative feelings towards white people.

Or that she wants something bad to happen to white people…

The Gateway Pundit reports how Attiah was once caught out on Twitter suggesting that white women are lucky that people are calling them “Karens” and not “calling for revenge.”

Attiah listed off a number of historic incidents that she blamed on white people, including the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, and more recently, how “53% of white women” voted for Trump…as if that’s a bad thing.

You can see the since-deleted tweet here.

When she was called out for it, she got angry, and said that Black people “*ARE NOT*” calling for revenge, but her implication was still terrifying.

What does it say about the Washington Post that they are hiring far-left activists who have suggested online that there would potentially be a justifiable reason for Black women to call for “revenge” against White women?

This is the same woman who also said that the Texas Rangers should be renamed because their name is too close to being called the “Texas Klansmen.”

If the media stopped promoting these people, then wouldn’t America be a much more cohesive and happier place?