Washington Post Publishes Cartoon With Nazi Origins Attacking GOP

(FiveNation.com)- Far-left newspaper The Washington Post published a cartoon derived from anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda recently, prompting a massive backlash from conservatives and others who reject the left-wing extremism of America’s mainstream press.

The cartoon in question depicted Republican legislators as rats and was drawn by Ann Telnaes.

“All the Republican rats” was the name of the cartoon, which named the state attorneys general, and members of the United States Congress, who she said, “collaborated with President Trump in his attempt to subvert the Constitution and stay in office.”

The claim was inaccurate, as President Donald Trump’s recent efforts have been centered on defending the constitution and ensuring that an illegitimate president is not sworn in on January 20 off the back of massive and widespread election fraud.

Evidence of election fraud in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan includes vast data analysis, video footage, and thousands of sworn affidavits from Democrats and Republicans who witnessed it.

You can see the dehumanizing and Nazi-inspired cartoon in the images below, tweeted by Fox News contributor Steve Milloy.

Milloy also posted the anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda that the cartoon is very cleared inspired by.

After Milloy pointed out the similarities between the comments, Rep. Brian Babin, who was one of the politicians depicted in the cartoon, hit out at the cartoonist and said that portraying the “enemy” as rats is “the same ant-Semitic propaganda used in Nazi Germany.”

But if you’re left wing and you say you’re the good guy, it’s fine, or something.

“Where is the censure & backlash? The Left & their allies delight in grossly attacking the ideas of millions. @JeffBexos & @WashingtonPost must be held accountable,” he added.

Rep. Andy Biggs also commented, calling the move “reprehensible.”

“The Nazi-style depiction in today’s paper is a foreshadowing of outrageous attacks that will endanger our liberties and incite violence against the Post’s chosen political enemies,” he added.

The cartoon has been online for more than a week and was printed in the print edition of the Washington Post on Sunday.

So far…no apologies.