War Emergency Hits Region As U.S. Troops Withdraw Suddenly

(FiveNation.com)- The end of the Afghanistan War is nearing, after years of preparation and planning by the Trump administration. On Friday, Reuters reported that American troops had been withdrawn from the primary military base in the country.

The soldiers left behind a piece of the World Trade Center that was buried at the site 20 years ago.

President Donald Trump’s decision to end the Afghanistan War is a controversial one, with many arguing that America’s military presence n the country was the only thing stopping Afghanistan from descending into Civil War. However, America First advocates say that Afghanistan’s troubles shouldn’t be America’s responsibility, and President Joe Biden appears to be continuing on that message.

Albeit, with a longer time frame. While PRESIDENT Trump had planned to withdraw troops by this Summer, President Joe Biden has promised to withdraw troops on September 11, 2021 – solely for symbolic reasons.

The decision to remove American troops didn’t come with much fanfare from the government, even though it effectively means that the war in the country is over. Without American troops at the Bagram Air Base, insurgents from the Taliban will have a much easier time taking back control of the country, and potentially breaking the conditions of the deal struck with former President Trump.

The Pentagon commented on the decision to withdraw and to leave the base in control of Afghanistan security forces, describing it as a “key milestone.” The Pentagon also added, however, that the United States military still has the authority to re-enter the country and protect Afghanistan forces.

John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman, said that the authorities still exist and didn’t explain when American authority over the region will end.

In September, President Biden said that there will be a “rational drawdown with allies,” so it’s a few more months yet until we see an end to this brutal and long-lasting war.