Virginia Dems Block Ivermectin, HCQ Treatments for COVID Patients, Order Capitol Police to Throw Citizens Out

( During a public comment session on Thursday, the Virginia State Senate Democrats ordered the Virginia Capitol Police to throw out citizens who were expressing their concern about the blocking of a bill that would have allowed state healthcare providers to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to COVID patients in the state.

The bill would have improved access to safe treatments known to reduce the symptoms of COVID-19 infections, potentially preventing thousands more COVID-related deaths.

Members of the Senate Education and Health Committee, upon considering Senate Bill 73 that was introduced by Republican State Senator Amanda Chase, chose to side with politics over science and blocked it. The bill was supported by all six Republican state senators on the committee, but every single one of the nine Demcorats killed it – meaning that the people of Virginia will not have easy access to potentially life-saving drugs.

As the Democrats voted to kill the legislation, a public comment session was quickly shut down by Committee Chairwoman Louise Lucas in an effort to silence dissent and criticism. The remote audio feed of Rob Schilling, a radio host from Charlottesville, was quickly shut down as he addressed the legislators and told the government to stay out of the healthcare decisions of private citizens.

Doctors and family members of COVID patients who were in attendance were then silenced, with the committee chair banging her gavel and telling people to be quiet. Lucas then ordered the police to remove the people from the room.

Why would Virginia Democrats want to strip people of the right to make their own healthcare decisions and access potentially life-saving medication?