Viral Trick To See If Facebook Is Tracking You… Is Fake

( You may have heard recently about the story of a TikTok star going very when she claimed that you can easily see who is “stalking” you on Facebook by simply taking a look at the “suggested friends” section of the social media app.

“I just found out your suggested friends on Facebook is people who’ve been stalking your page,” user @annielydia said, with a mortified “crying” emoji added to the end.

“Girls don’t stalk his mum or exes,” she added.

The post quickly went viral, with people sharing their own stories about how they are embarrassed that other people may know that they have been checking out their profiles.

However, the story was soon shot down by Facebook, who eventually denied that the claim is true.

Facebook said that the suggested friends tool finds people that you might know or might want to add to your account, and that it uses a number of different factors to determine whether it’s likely that you will know somebody.

Some people speculate that the suggestions are based on profiles you have viewed given that some suggestions often don’t even have mutual friends. However, Facebook said that the profiles are flagged based on mutual friends, educational information, your employment, and networks that you are generally a part of.

The profiles may even be suggested if you have that person in your email or phone contact list.

When you sign up for a Facebook account, the app or the website will ask you for permission to collect your data – and it’s this data that Facebook uses to connect you with other people.

So while it may not be true that your suggested friends are people who have spied on you, the real story here is that Facebook knows way too much about you…