Violent Criminals Get Lucky Break On Judge Overseeing Case

The sentencing of an autistic student who punched and kicked his teacher into unconsciousness for taking away his Nintendo Switch will be rendered soon.

Leanne Depa has pleaded for mercy, stating that her son would face a “death sentence” in jail.

Paraprofessional Joan Naydich of Matanzas High School was knocked to the floor by Brendan, who then proceeded to kick and punch her in the head.

Brendan should get a 30-year jail term, according to Judge Terrence Perkins.

According to the mother, Brendan should never have been transferred to a mainstream public school because of his autism and known behavioral concerns; thus, she urged the Judge to seek a milder penalty for him.

Last week, in a high-profile case, the judge was lenient on two juvenile offenders.

Judge Perkins handed out a six-year jail term to 18-year-old Gabriella Alo for her role in brutally assaulting a scared youngster and then trampling a concerned bystander who attempted to assist.

Prosecutors said that in January, Alo and her brother recorded themselves attacking their victim at a park, where they mocked and teased him as he was kicked and punched, drawing the ire of others.

They paused for a while, then came back and continued attacking.

Kaitlin Dahme, a waitress from the area, thought her brother was in danger and hurried toward the chaos after mistaking Alo’s vehicle for his. Alo got in her car and drove over Dahme twice, breaking her ankle and hurting her leg.

Prior to the January beating in Flagler County, Alo had accumulated 764 disciplinary violations in only one quarter at her school, according to the website.

Local lawyers looked to Perkins as a fair judge because he took into account Alo’s confession of sorrow and his serious mental health concerns, even though prosecutors had proposed a 15-year sentence.

Naydich, the victim, has advocated for a 30-year prison term for Depa.

The traumatized educator has reported ongoing physical and emotional distress as a result of the abuse.

The viral incident was caught on school security cameras, and Depa’s lawyers are claiming that his severe autism and other disabilities make him less responsible for the assault.