Video Shows Intense Antisemitism On Subway

Video captured on the Paris Metro shows a group of passengers chanting anti-Semitic slogans like “f*** the Jews, long live Palestine.

In the 16-second footage, a commuter films in amazement as a group of others chant back and forth. A TikTok user recorded the reaction of a Paris metro rider who overheard what looks to be an antisemitic chant being sung by a large group.

F*** the Jews, f*** your mother, long live Palestine, yes yeah, f*** the Jews, f*** the grandparents, and so on and so on.

Before the clip fades, the gang says, “We are Nazis and proud,” clearly shocking whoever is watching them.

The video has gone viral just as French authorities launch an inquiry into a rise of incidents of Stars of David being painted on buildings across the city and its environs.

Antisemitic vandalism, assault, and murder threats have all increased in France over the past three weeks compared to the previous twelve months combined.

France’s interior minister, GĂ©rald Darmanin, said on Tuesday that 857 markings had been registered since Hamas began its invasion of Israel.

Following Hamas’ foray into Israel from Gaza in October, several disturbing reports have highlighted the level of antisemitism in France in recent weeks.

Graffiti reading “Killing Jews is a duty” was discovered outside a stadium in Carcassonne, a city in the southwest of France.

A statement released by the mayor of Paris on Tuesday said the acts recall the events of the 1930s, which led to the death of millions of Jews’ after over 60 Stars of David were spray-painted on walls in the 14th arrondissement on Monday night.

Human Rights Watch says that the attitude of European states to the violence in the Southern Levant since October 7 is having detrimental impacts on human rights in Europe.

About half a million Jews call France home, making it the third-largest Jewish population after Israel and the United States.

Many have settled in France alongside Muslim groups from the 1960s and ’70s.

The Dreyfus Affair, one of the most notorious cases of antisemitism and a miscarriage of justice in the Francophone world, occurred towards the end of the century.

From 1940 on, members of the Vichy regime in France collaborated with the Nazis.

Jews in France were denied access to particular areas, discriminated against in the workplace, sent to concentration camps, and even stripped of their citizenship.