Video Shows Bull Elk Attacking Motorists

According to a report, visitors in elk habitat shouldn’t assume they’re secure from aggressive bulls just because they’re in a car; the rutting elk season is still in full swing.

Early last week, John Krampl posted a video on Instagram writing that the rutting period had begun, and the Bull Elk was randy and enraged. You must rev up the engine and go when approached by a Bull Elk, but because of the heavy traffic, this unfortunate man couldn’t get away.

It is unclear how badly the driver’s car was damaged, but hearing the crash gives you an idea. Elk males are very possessive of their cows and territories during the rut, so keeping your distance is best.

A remark was made on the video in which the person said that he lives in Jasper, and Krampl’s video had gone viral. He suggested that tourists in the park clearly don’t understand that wild creatures need space.

According to the Estes Park, Colorado website, every autumn, one of the Rocky Mountains’ most heartrending and entrancing sounds is the bugling of a male elk during mating season.

The rut occurs at different times each year, but you can tell it’s getting near when the male elk start losing their velvet. Because they stick so tightly to their primary directive, The bulls frequently go without food and wind up much thinner by the season’s conclusion.

The rise in call frequency indicates the height of the season, when the bugling may be heard from the crack of dawn until far into the night. Bulls may get so tired at the end of the day that it is not uncommon to see them snoozing in the moonlight while leisurely bugling.

According to the National Park Service, Bull Elk are known for their nocturnal bugling from early September into October. Making this noise serves two purposes: to boast to other bulls and to display their suitability to cow elk.

Bugling occurs all day and night, although elk tend to be active before dawn and after dusk. The rut can start as soon as the end of August and last as late as early November.