Video Platform Bars Kyle Rittenhouse from Using His Own Name

( Kyle Rittenhouse may have been exonerated in a court of law, but that isn’t stopping the court of public opinion from treating him like a criminal.

Last week, Rittenhouse posted a screen capture of an email message he received from his Electronic Arts (EA) account letting him know that the user name he chose for a gaming service violated the company’s “Positive Play Charter.”

What user name did Kyle Rittenhouse choose?

“Kyle Rittenhouse.”

EA sent an email warning Rittenhouse that, in choosing his own name as a user name, Kyle may have used “words or phrases that harm others or negatively disrupt the game.” But Rittenhouse wasn’t even using his name on EA’s own online platform. Instead, EA discovered that Rittenhouse was using “Kyle Rittenhouse” on the platform Stream, the world’s largest PC games service.

In its email to Rittenhouse, Electronic Arts claimed his name is an “inappropriate reference” to “Violence, Terror, and Tragic Events” which may cause harm to others.

Apropos of nothing, but EA permits user names like “P3doLover6009,” “MaoZedong49,” and “KillTrump.”

Mao Zedong most definitely falls under the category of “inappropriate reference” to “Violence, Terror, and Tragic Events.” The man is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people, and none of them in self-defense.

Does EA really believe that “KillTrump” isn’t a reference to violence?

And what about this “Positive Play Charter” of theirs? It promises “clear consequences” for users “who engage in racist, sexist, homophobic, and abusive acts in our games and channels.” How is Kyle Rittenhouse’s given name engaging in any of that?

This is petty and vindictive, nothing more.

The “woke” activists in tech weren’t happy that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted by a jury of his peers, so they’re going to exact their pound of flesh in whatever ridiculous and petty way they can.