Vehement Anti-Trump Group Donated $85k to Atlanta Election Judges

( The staunchly anti-Trump Southern Poverty Law Center, which falsely accused former President Donald Trump of creating a “surge in white supremacy” and hate, reportedly donated a massive $85,000 to Georgia’s election administrators.

It’s the latest indication that America’s election system has been compromised and damaged by far-left extremists who wish to stop any efforts to ensure future elections are free and fair.

The money was given to election administrators to, apparently, help turn out Black voters in the last election – but auditors are now demanding that at least some of that money be returned.

Fulton County’s auditor declared earlier in August that the money sent by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s grant was not properly spent on installing absentee ballot drop boxes. The auditors also said that county officials didn’t comply with the requirements of the grant, which was to disclose precisely how many ballots had been collected in the drop boxes.

If nobody knows how many votes were cast through drop boxes in the state, then what exactly are election officials doing?

Do they even know how many people were entitled to vote? And if all the votes cast through drop boxes were legitimate?

Auditors noted that the grant specified that any unused funds should be returned to the organization by December 31 of last year, and that during their review, they found that ballot drop boxes in the county were purchased for a total cost of $40,614. The review also revealed that the remaining $44,386 hadn’t been returned – and neither the SPLC or the county officials had recognized it.

It almost seems as though neither party wanted the money to be returned…which could have made this an illicit donation.

Auditors noted that a failure to return such grant funds by the agreed deadline often leads to a misuse of funds, and possible restrictions of future funding…not to mention inaccurate financial reporting.

Why is it we hear nothing but bad things about the way Fulton County conducts elections?