Vegas Man Charged for Strangling, Trying to Push Ex-Wife Out of Car

A Las Vegas man was arrested earlier this month for shoving his ex-wife out of a vehicle before repeatedly slamming her onto the pavement.

According to court records, 47-year-old Fernando Jimenez was charged with attempted murder, domestic battery with substantial bodily harm, and domestic battery by strangulation in connection to a June 12 incident on Lake Mead Boulevard east of Las Vegas.

According to the police report obtained by KLAS in Las Vegas, officers were flagged down by a woman who appeared to be suffering “multiple bruises” with “blood coming from her head.”

The woman told officers that she got into a fight with her ex-husband after an argument over losing custody of their children for being homeless.

According to witnesses at the scene, the verbal argument grew heated after Jimenez grabbed the woman by the neck and began choking her for several minutes. The couple then fell out of the car through the driver’s side window where the altercation continued on the pavement.

Witnesses saw Jimenez grab his ex-wife by the neck and hair to drag her down toward a ditch.

The officers later found her ex-husband about a quarter of a mile east, lying face down on the road with his head resting on two empty beer bottles.

Jimenez later told police that they had parked on the side of the road to eat when he got thrown out of the passenger side window. He said his ex-wife was behind the wheel and someone named Kawanta was in the back seat. He claimed that it was Kawanta who threw him out of the window.

However, the third person in the vehicle told police that the three of them had been living in the vehicle for a couple of days after getting evicted. The witness confirmed that Jimenez’s ex-wife was behind the wheel when the two began arguing about losing custody of their children. Jimenez then lunged at his ex-wife and both of them went out of the window.

During the altercation that followed, Jimenez lost his balance and fell, giving his ex-wife and the other occupant of the car time to escape.