US Hockey Team Honors America With Victory Celebration

The United States national junior hockey team sent a feeling of pride to every patriot when they stood shoulder to shoulder to sing the national anthem on their January 5th International Ice Hockey Federation world junior championship victory.

Reports show the U.S. national junior hockey team won the gold medal game in Gothenburg, Sweden, after defeating Sweden 6-2.

Team USA proudly lined up on the ice after their spirited victory.

Head coach David Carle praised his team’s performance in an interview with USA Hockey. Carle said he felt like they gave it their all to get to the championship game and perform at their highest level. Being a member of a successful team is an honor.

There was a brief interruption in the action when the Swedish national team, visibly agitated, exploded into a physical altercation with a few American players. However, the Swedes could not secure victory, and Team USA won their sixth under-20 international championship gold medal on Friday.

The display of such passionate patriotism by young Americans pleased many social media users. The enthusiastic demonstration of patriotism undoubtedly brought joy to all who saw it.

ESPN notably ended their broadcast of the event the moment just before the players began singing.

A former ESPN anchor, Sage Steele, was ecstatic to see Team USA’s celebratory behavior. But the way her previous company covered the party annoyed her. The fact that ESPN omitted a clip of the athletes performing the national anthem was something Steele had an issue with.

Steele said it was ironic that the biggest sports network in the United States, ESPN, decided to disregard the emotional moment from the American junior hockey team’s gold medal victory on all their social media channels, while the leading sports network in Canada decided to air it. It is also absurd when considering the NHL’s rights contract with ESPN. Considering the infamously rich players who gripe about America while happily pocketing their endorsement deals, seeing these young men take pride in their accomplishments is refreshing.