UN Official Fired After Condemning Rocket Blast By Palestine

(FiveNation.com)- The head of a United Nations office was removed from her position after she condemned rocket fire of Islamic Jihad being fired into Israel, according to Breitbart News. Sarah Muscroft reportedly worked as the head for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the “Occupied Palestinian Territory” for three years before she was fired for upsetting advocates of Islamic Jihad when she hailed the ceasefire.

After a nearly three day conflict where 1,100 rockets were reportedly fired towards Israeli population centers, Muscroft tweeted that she was “Relieved to see a ceasefire agreed ending hostilities impacting both Palestinians and Israeli civilians.”

“Such indiscriminate rocket fire of Islamic Jihad provoking Israeli retaliation is condemned. The safety of all civilians is paramount—the ceasefire must be upheld,” she added.

Predictably, this caused outrage from a public that supports Islamic Jihad and the killing of innocent civilians in the name of “freeing” Palestine. Muscroft took to Twitter to apologize saying that she was sorry and her previous tweet was “ill-informed.”

“I sincerely apologize for my poor judgment. All civilians—everywhere—must be able to live in peace.”

As if that wasn’t enough to appease the “rocket-loving pro-Palestinian public,” Muscroft then deleted her account. Unfortunately for her, that too was not enough because a U.N. official shortly after announced that she would be removed from her post and reassigned.

Apparently, condemning terrorists firing rockets into a country is wrong when that condemnation is hurled at Hamas, the group that told Jerusalem residents to cut the heads off of Jews.

“Instead of supporting Muscroft, the UN effectively threw her under the bus, by capitulating to the terrorists and the anti-Israel activists, by forcing her to make an apology and then re-assigning her to a new role,” Arsen Ostrovsky, human rights attorney and CEO of The International Legal Forum, told Breitbart.

Muscroft’s office reportedly blames Israel for the deaths of Palestinian children as terrorists are firing rockets into Israel, yet roughly 200 of the rockets were misfired by the terrorists, landing in the Gaza strip, resulting in the deaths of children.

Muscroft was not the only official removed from her post for publicly standing against “indiscriminate” rocket fire. The head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Matthias Schmale, left Gaza after he told Israel’s channel 12 that the Israeli Defense Forces used “huge sophistication” when they targeted terrorists but avoided civilians. After apologizing for telling the truth, he continued to receive death threats and was removed from his post for his “pro-Israel” remarks.