UN Kneels To Putin By Refusing To Call Invasion An “Invasion”

(FiveNation.com)- The United Nations has made the incredible decision to warn its staff to refer to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as anything other than an “invasion” or “war.” These are exactly the same rules implemented by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who stopped all media outlets and journalists in the country from accurately describing the conflict in Ukraine.

UN CAVES To Putin – Sudden Directive Given!

The UN, which still considers Russia a member, has advised all employees to refer to the invasion as a “military offensive” or a “conflict,” and has also banned all employees of the international bloc from posting images of the Ukrainian flag on their social media pages.

It means that nobody in the UN is allowed to express solidarity with the innocent people being killed and forced to leave their homes in Ukraine.

Russia is one of just five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and is also a founding member of the United Nations – making it difficult for the group to take a side. Even when Russia is so clearly in the wrong.

“This is an important reminder that we, as international civil servants, have a responsibility to be impartial,” an email to employees reads. “There is a serious possibility of reputational risk that has been flagged by senior officials recently.”

When the email went public, an official from the UN told the Irish Times that there is no “official policy” on how to describe the invasion, but they didn’t dispute the existence of the email mentioned above.