UK Prime Minister Has Surgery

( On Monday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to the hospital to undergo what the prime minister’s office said was a routine operation on his sinuses.

A spokesperson from Number 10 Downing Street said the prime minister was put under general anesthesia for the procedure and was already at home resting. Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab was placed in charge while the PM recovered.

It was expected that Johnson would be back at work on Tuesday depending on how his recovery is going. The spokesperson said the prime minister is still expected to attend the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Rwanda later this week.

The operation had been scheduled for a while and was a complete success. Johnson was in and out of the hospital in four hours, arriving at six in the morning and returning home by ten.

When asked by a reporter if the operation was related to Johnson’s bout with COVID-19 two years ago, the spokesperson said that was “certainly not my understanding.”

According to the UK Guardian, a source within the NHS said it was likely Johnson’s procedure was a functional endoscopic sinus surgery to treat chronic sinusitis.

Prime Minister Johnson had in recent weeks been suffering from constant sniffing as if he had a head cold.

The operation involves no cuts or stitches on the face. The surgeon operates through the nostrils and widens the patient’s sinuses either by removing blocked tissue or inflating a tiny balloon in the blocked sinus before removing it.

Sinusitis is a common condition in which the sinuses swell due to an infection. Symptoms include swelling, tenderness, and pain around the eyes, forehead, or cheeks.

In April 2020, Johnson spent several days in intensive care after contracting COVID. It was learned afterward that Downing Street officials had a contingency plan in place in case Johnson died.