UK Intel Reveals Something New About Russian Troops

( Multiple reports last week indicate that it is possible a counterattack by Ukrainian forces may have Russian forces around Kyiv surrounded.

In an intelligence update last Wednesday, the UK Ministry of Defense asserted that Ukrainian troops are increasing pressure on the Russian forces northeast of the capital city. The update also suggests that these Russian forces are “already facing considerable supply and morale issues.”

According to the UK Ministry of Defense, Ukraine is carrying out successful counterattacks on Russian positions on the outskirts of Kyiv and may have retaken Makariv and Moschun. It is also possible Ukraine may be able to surround the additional Russian units in Bucha and Irpin.

These assessments appear to be confirmed by some reports on the ground, with BBC editor Jeremy Bowen saying Ukrainian troops have told him that Bucha is surrounded and Russian supply lines in Irpin are snagged.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported last week that ham radio enthusiasts have intercepted Russian radio communications that suggested its forces are facing significant pressure in Makariv, where they lack air support and fuel.

However, the Washington Post reported on Thursday that Ukraine’s boasts of victory in the Kyiv suburbs don’t appear to match reality. The Post reported that Russian forces still control part of the region and Ukrainians are “under constant shelling.”

But Friday, the UK Defense Ministry released another intelligence update claiming that Ukraine’s counterattacks along with Russian troops “falling back on overextended supply lines” has enabled Ukrainian troops to reoccupy “towns and defensive positions up to 35 kilometres east of Kyiv.” The Defense Ministry said Ukraine forces northwest of Kyiv would be continuing to attempt to push Russian troops back toward the Hostomel airfield.

Last Friday, Russia claimed a warship-launched Kalibr cruise missile destroyed the Ukrainian military’s largest remaining fuel base on Thursday. The base had been supplying Ukrainian units near Kyiv.