U.S. Senator Says TikTok Should Remove “Dangerous” Trend

(FiveNation.com)- Democrat Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal sent a letter to social media platform TikTok on Tuesday demanding that more is done to discourage young people from taking part in a trend known as the “devious lick.”

The trend, which is recorded and uploaded to the video sharing platform, involves students taking items from schools and other buildings. Essentially, it’s just theft.

Blumenthal told Shou Zi Crew, the chief executive of the platform, that they have a responsibility to delete any videos that show people doing this, and to ban users to get involved with it. He also encouraged the platform to restrict hashtags that “glorify property damage and threats to school safety.”

If the Democrats are going to go hard on social media platforms to censor people, at least they could follow Blumenthal’s lead and call on the platforms to delete people who are actually committing crimes…

The Connecticut senator said that he recognizes that TikTok has already taken some steps to remove the videos, but that they were “too little, too late” and haven’t made up for the damage caused to schools all over the United States so far.

If you haven’t heard of this – and we imagine you haven’t – the trend has seen users trying to one-up one another by removing increasingly large items from schools. It starts with small items like pens and notebooks, but quickly progressed into people taking out whole sets of lockers from school buildings and filming it.

As it stands, people searching “devious licks” on TikTok won’t see any results, but the videos are still there, and people are still posting them.

TikTok has not released a statement about the trend or announced whether further action would be taken.

At a time when China is cracking down on social media and popular culture figures in its country and even restricting the hours that children can play video games, a Chinese country is allowing American and Western children to get distracted from their education and commit crimes for social media cred.

Doesn’t it make you wonder whether China is doing this on purpose?