U.S. Senator Goes After Secret Collusion Among Big Tech

(FiveNation.com)- Republican Senator for Tennessee Marsha Blackburn hit out recently at the ongoing collusion between the media and Big Tech, allowing a small section of society to decide what the rest of America sees online. She explained her real concerns about political bias in the media and in Big Tech during a hearing on the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act.

During the hearing, she explained how “Big News and Big Tech team up and filter the news.”

She added that the two “take control of what you hear and what you see when it comes to news.”

Blackburn said that as she speaks to people in her state, she hears a lot about the bias online and that people aren’t happy with it.

“They feel that their views are not being represented, and they’re very concerned about whether they can or cannot trust mainstream media,” she added.

This is precisely the kind of thing that elected representatives of the American people should care about, but Democrats routinely smear those who point this out. Are we meant to believe that everyone Senator Blackburn speaks to is a white supremacist or a Neo Nazi?

Blackburn noted that the new proposed legislation would strengthen the relationship between the media and Big Tech by establishing an antitrust exemption for big media companies. This would mean that media companies, no matter how biased or distrusted by the American people, would allow them to create a legal cartel and work together to lobby Big Tech.

For instance, Big News would be able to make deals with Big Tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook – effectively allowing the media to prioritize their own content and force other, smaller platforms into obscurity.

Read more on the legislation here.

Tennessee is lucky to have someone like Blackburn representing them…but can she really stand in the way of the Democrats and their plan to take full control over the Internet and national media outlets?