U.S. Bomber Spotted In Mystery Location

(FiveNation.com)- Last week, a US Air Force bomber plane that took off from a nearby RAF base was forced to circle over Gloucestershire in England after emitting an emergency Squawk code.

SPICY22, a USAF B-52 bomber jet circled closely over Gloucestershire last Tuesday after it sent out the emergency 7700 Squawk code, which indicates an “emergency situation.” It is believed the plane was experiencing engine failure.

The B-52 bomber circled the area low to the ground in a loop in order to burn off fuel before it returned to the Royal Air Force base at nearby Fairford.

The plane had taken off from RAF Fairford earlier in the day before issuing the Squawk 7700 code. It then began to circle in a constant loop in the northern Gloucestershire areas of Gloucester, Churchdown, Bishop’s Cleeve, Newent, Tewkesbury, and Cheltenham.

The US deployed B-52 bombers to RAF Fairford earlier this year after Russia invaded Ukraine. Since that time, they have been used in training and reconnaissance missions over Europe alongside other NATO forces.

Gloucester residents took to social media last Tuesday to post pictures of the low-flying jet, complaining of the “very loud” roar from the bomber’s engines as it made its constant loop overhead.