U.K. Trying To Bribe Young People With Pizza, Movies, And Taxi Rides For Getting Vaccine

(FiveNation.com)- It seems as though the United Kingdom is following in the footsteps of President Joe Biden, and resorting to bribing young people into taking the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

Reports this week revealed how the British government is partnering with several major companies including Uber and Deliveroo in what effectively appears to be a bribe.

The scheme comes as more than 68% of British people aged between 18 and 29 have already received the first vaccine, while a massive 88.6% of the total adult population has had at least one vaccine. A total of 72.5% of the population overall has received two doses, meaning almost three-quarters of Britain is now fully vaccinated.

It’s an incredible number of people and surely enough for the UK to achieve herd immunity, but the British government doesn’t think it’s enough.

Under the new scheme, Uber will offer discounted rides and even meals to people who take the vaccine and use the Uber Eats app. Furthermore, Deliveroo is offering discounts on takeout food all over the country.

Bolt, another ride-sharing app, is also offering completely free trips for people traveling to vaccination centers.

A BBC report also revealed how the government is arranging a flagship event whereby vouchers will be distributed to young people, and pizza chains including Pizza Pilgrims will be turning restaurants into vaccination centers where people can get a slice of pizza as well as a shot of the vaccine.

Over in the UK, the government is battling to get the remaining few people to get vaccinated with pizza and free rides – meanwhile, President Joe Biden and America’s top public health officials have instilled so little confidence in the vaccine because of their disastrous handling of the pandemic that people simply don’t want to take the vaccine.

And it’s hard to blame those who don’t want it…