Two Core American Values

Two Core American Values

( – It has been said the United States of America is a beacon of hope for the 7 billion or so other inhabitants of the planet. What are some of the things that propelled the country to that height and are still needed to maintain it? A big part of it revolves around family life as one of the main building blocks.

The Nuclear Family

Some may say the idea of the married, two-parent household is “outdated” in today’s modern society, but the statistics show just how wrong they are. Growing up in this sort of family situation, when possible, provides children greater stability.

A great deal of research is been done on the subject and examples of the benefits of a traditional, nuclear family include:

  • Lower incidences of academic, social, and emotional problems extending out of childhood into future adult life.
  • Increased likelihood of both high school and college graduation.
  • A far lower probability that a child will live in poverty regardless of race.

This is not to say the traditional structure is a panacea for all the family woes in the world just as it would be wrong to say that a single mother or father is a “bad person” for divorcing a spouse. Everybody’s circumstances are different, and sometimes splitting up is the lesser of two or more evils.

Empathy and Compassion

Another one of the cornerstones differentiating America from other countries is the degree of empathy and compassion displayed by her people not only for people within her borders but for people around the world. All one needs to do is notice the outpouring of help American citizens give to those suffering around the world, be it from poverty, war, or natural disaster.

Helping successive generations learn to embrace these ideals not only helps to build a better world but it builds better individuals. If a child can be taught to put themselves in the shoes of another, then they might grow to be less likely to resort to aggressive behavior. It may also help later in life, in cultivating relationships which may lead to better personal and professional achievement.

These are just two values amongst others that can be thought of as creating a chain like this: caring people> happier families> stronger communities> better world. Granted, that’s a bit simplistic, but, then again, great things sometimes appear simple from a distance.

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