Tucker Carlson The Most Popular Individual In News Today

A new poll suggests that the most trusted media personality is Tucker Carlson.

A recent Gallup study asked respondents whom they trusted most for their news, and Carlson came out on top of the list of prominent names in the news media and entertainment industry.

Fox News commentator Sean Hannity was mentioned 57 times, as was previous Daily Show personality Trevor Noah. MSNBC broadcaster Rachel Maddow came in with 107 mentions.  Tucker Carlson won with 113 mentions.

Lester Holt, anchor for NBC Nightly News throughout the week, Dateline NBC,  and the kids’ edition of NBC Nightly News received the most mentions at 55 among newscasters who don’t express a viewpoint. Carlson had been the anchor of a high-rated show on Fox News for the last six years. His show regularly drew more than three million viewers nightly.

Earlier this month, the network pulled the brash host off the air after settling a major slander case with Dominion Voting Systems.

Carlson, who remains under a contract with Fox, has announced his intention to bring an updated version of his previous prime-time Fox broadcast to Twitter, but he hasn’t given details about the show’s content.

According to a report, Twitter is not financially sustainable as a free communication tool.  CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, may be able to liberate the platform from the data processing subsidies if he successfully discovers new methods to monetize it via advertising, memberships, and exclusive content.  

A report stated that Carlson was fired from Fox News and has since filed some document requests that might lead to legal action, including allegations of fraud and violation of the contract.

With his attorneys’ letter to Fox, Carlson will be in a strong position to claim that the noncompete term in his employment agreement is no longer enforceable, allowing him to start his own media venture.