Tucker Carlson Says There Is A Limit To How Much Americans Will Take

(FiveNation.com)- Monday night, in a hard-hitting opening monologue, Tucker Carlson absolutely obliterated the Biden administration for what he called its authoritarian power grab.

Hammering the hapless Biden and his administration for its vaccine mandates and absurd scapegoating of “the unvaccinated,” Tucker slammed Biden for talking about American citizens the way dictators talk about their enemies.

Biden, Tucker pointed out, has blamed “the unvaccinated” for every one of his failures – from failing to control the Delta variant to his destruction of the US economy. He blamed the unvaccinated for overcrowding hospitals and even causing the current Delta pandemic.

Tucker pointed out that there has never been a President who has ever talked about American citizens the way Joe Biden talks about American citizens.

He slammed Biden for “cheering on” the mass-firings of American citizens prompted by vaccine mandates.

But the silver lining, Tucker explains, is that Americans are pushing back. From airline pilots to US Marines to parents, Americans are beginning to fight back against this administration’s totalitarian behavior.

Watch Tucker’s entire monologue HERE.

Between the Biden administration’s pressure campaign and scapegoating of the unvaccinated, to its targeting of parents protesting school boards, the claims that this President would bring “unity” and “healing” back to the country is now rather laughable.

In the summer of 2020, Biden tweeted a promise that if he becomes President, he will choose to “unite rather than divide.” And he will “take responsibility instead of blaming others.” And he will “never forget that the job isn’t about me – it’s about you.”

Oh for three. Biden struck out.

He has further divided this nation – to the point where he is singling out one group of Americans and making them the scapegoats for all his failures. Meanwhile, he’s simultaneously calling his political opponents “domestic terrorists.”

And in his nine months in office, has there be one single thing he’s taken responsibility for?

He vowed to “end the virus.” He failed. But rather than take responsibility for his failure, he blames it on “the unvaccinated.” He bungled Afghanistan, then blamed it on Trump. He created a supply chain nightmare and ever-increasing inflation, and he blamed that on Trump too.

The day after the 2020 election, Joe Biden tweeted that, to make progress, “we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies. We are not enemies.”

But as Tucker Carlson pointing out, Joe Biden treats his political opponents (and the unvaccinated) as his enemies. And if you push people to the point where you treat them as your enemies, those people will push back.