Tucker Carlson Says Fox Suddenly Hid Tapes Of His Latest Interview

Tucker Carlson gave his first interview since his dismissal from Fox News. He told Russell Brand he ‘doesn’t know’ why he was let go.

He expressed confusion by his dismissal but claimed he was not bitter and wished Fox well.  He further said that it was an inevitable part of working in the media. 

A report shows more than 120,000 people listened to the 54-year-old controversialist’s interview with the British comic on Friday on the comedian’s “Stay Free” podcast.

During the interview, Carlson made the astonishing assertion that then-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund informed him that federal agents were hiding in the crowd during the violence on January 6.

The crowd was packed with federal agents, according to Steven Sund, the head of the Capitol police and apolitical former employee of Nancy Pelosi who is not some right-wing fanatic. As the site’s security chief, he naturally would know, Carlson said. 

The interview Carlson had with Sund never played since it was scheduled for the same day he was let go, according to him. Carlson has said that he would be doing more interviews with Sund in the not-too-distant future. 

Earlier reports show former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund made headlines last year by revealing a major security flaw in his opening testimony before the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees.

Mr. Sund said that participants of the Proud Boys,  ANTIFA, white supremacist organizations, and other extremist groups were anticipated to attend on January 6 and may have been likely to turn violent based on information acquired by law enforcement agencies.

An ex-FBI agent who was present at the US Capitol said that Antifa thugs arrived at the demonstration in at least one bus.

Propaganda, psychological warfare, political warfare, and subversion expert Michael Waller, a senior analyst for strategy at the Center for Security Policy, claims to have observed agents-provocateurs on January 6 in the Capitol.  He saw groups of persons moving the marchers to congregate tightly in the middle of the Capitol building grounds to keep them from leaving.