Tucker Carlson Reveals Tragic Reaction To Mother’s Death

Tucker Carlson has revealed details of his troubled relationship with his mother and said her death didn’t particularly affect him. The popular anchor, who abruptly departed from Fox News in April, said the news that his mother was dying in France made him feel sad, but he didn’t know her and did not feel moved to visit her. “I went to dinner,” he said.

Carlson spoke to conservative host Megyn Kelly when he recounted the details of the strained relationship. He said his mother had not been in his life for 35 years – since his father divorced her saying she was an unfit mother due to alcohol and drug use.

Lisa Lombardi, a wealthy heiress, spent her latter years living in France and disapproved of Tucker Carlson’s politics. She was an artist and has been described as a “hippy.” When she left the family, Carlson’s father remarried and his new wife formally adopted Tucker and his brother.

Lombardi was born in California to one of the wealthiest families in San Francisco. When she died in 2011, she left Tucker and his brother $1 each in her will. The will was not discovered until some time after her death when her children had already received a chunk of her estate. When the will was found, a legal battle ensued, ending with Tucker and his brother retaining the money they had gained.

Carlson has re-entered the limelight following a brief break after his departure from Fox News. He has started a new weekly show on Twitter that is attracting millions of followers. Fox’s viewing figures initially dropped following the host’s unexplained exit; however, the number rose again, and it reclaimed the number one cable news spot, following a controversial and contentious interview with Donald Trump.

Bret Baier quizzed the former President on a variety of issues and some commentators suggest the interview did a lot of damage to Trump, and that his relationship with Fox is irreparably harmed.