Tucker Carlson Reveals Just How Bad Kamala Harris Is Historically

(FiveNation.com)- Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson recently attacked Kamala Harris as “historically incompetent and fake,” denouncing her defenders who assert that her criticism stems from misogyny and “anti-blackness.”

Carlson said that his show had had a very conventional reflection of this country’s first Black/Indian/part-Canadian vice president, who also happens to identify as a woman.

Carlson quipped that software developers are presently debating whether Harris is even biological or whether she is the result of a classified government A.I. study that went awry.

He said that even though they don’t have an answer, they comprehend the question. She is that artificial. He said they’ve always presumed that Kamala Harris’ lack of popularity stemmed from her extreme unlikability until the other day when he learned that it’s because we are not smart enough to see Kamala’s eminence.

The takeaway is Kamala Harris isn’t unpopular because she’s a nasty person. She’s unpopular because you’re a nasty person. You are the issue.

Carlson played a clip from Joy Reid’s radio show where she and her guests built a fawning hagiography of Harris. (Talk about the “Big Lie”!)

In the clip, we learned that we are harming Kamala Harris’ legacy with our prejudice, ignorance, sexism, and lack of enlightenment. It’s the dumbing down of America. Harris has surpassed us, and we’re too stupid to know it. Americans don’t even understand politics or how things work.

Carlson said, sarcastically, that Joy Reid’s truth was so blinding to him that he had to “wear sunglasses indoors for two days,” but it was worth it.

He’s now enlightened. He said it’s time to shed the old us like snakeskin and start thinking anew about what we thought we knew about Kamala Harris.

Carlson then began playing old clips, where he mocked Harris with new, fresh eyes. Enlightened eyes.

He asked the viewers mockingly, “doesn’t it just feel good to admit fault? To admit that we get it wrong sometimes?”

He said he wouldn’t do that anymore, not with his new fresh eyes.

He then played a clip where Kamala completely bastardized the math regarding the historical facts of slavery in America. She claimed slavery was ongoing for 400 years.

But it wasn’t her fault, as we now know. Google didn’t explain properly that slavery began 400 years ago and didn’t subtract the years from the Emancipation Proclamation.

So whose fault would that be, Carlson asked and answered?

The owner of Google.

A white man!

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