Tucker Carlson Responds To Media Narrative On Blaming Him For Violence

(NewsGlobal.com)- Tucker Carlson slammed Texas cops for making misleading comments about a horrific shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde.

News reports say nineteen students and two teachers were slain by a shooter who lingered in the school for over an hour before being apprehended and killed by local authorities. Videos of parents begging police to enter the building have gone viral on the internet.

An officer already on the scene claimed to engage the suspect but was unable to prevent him from entering the building, according to police. Officials now claim that the shooter entered the building unhindered.

At a press conference, Texas Governor Greg Abbott remarked that the situation wasn’t worse because law enforcement did what they were supposed to do. And they showed incredible bravery by running toward gunfire with the sole intention of saving lives.
The Fox News anchor cited an eyewitness report that refuted Abbott’s assertion and showed a video of parents pleading for police to intervene. A Texas official later claimed that certain members of law enforcement went into the school to rescue their own children. If the accusation is true, Carlson continued, then at the very least, it is a moral crime.
According to Carlson, one mother said that she was upset the cops were doing nothing and that Federal agents placed her in handcuffs. She was eventually set free and proceeded to leap the school fence to rescue her two boys. She had time to get her children out while the cops remained outside. Carlson called it a scandal if it was true.
The Fox host then showed a video from a press conference conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Officials claimed they had not verified if parents were indeed pleading with police to enter the school or if it was just a rumor. It’s a rumor, except it’s on camera, Carlson said.
Tucker Carlson stated that the objective was not to point fingers or criticize individuals, but the authorities are not authorized to lie to us after such an atrocity.
Carlson continued his report by saying that officers did go inside the school for four minutes after the suspect, but then they returned outside and did not go into the school for another hour, according to authorities. They claim they were waiting for support at that period, including, for some reason, crisis negotiators.

Tucker concluded by suggesting that In the face of a tragedy like this, no matter how pro-law enforcement you are, there’s only so much BS you can take.