Trump’s Warning Of “Civil War” Is Worrying The Media

( It will never stop being hilarious that the American corporate news media, which collectively cheered when former President Donald Trump got banned from social media, are now spending their days obsessively combing through everything Trump posts from his Truth Social account.

They just miss him so much.

Last week, the former president re-posted a 2-word comment from a random Truth Social user that included a screen capture of a tweet from El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele marveling how a country as powerful as the United States could fall so fast and suggesting that it could only happen if “the enemy comes from within.”

The random user, some dude who calls himself “MAGA King Thanos” on Truth Social, added the 2-word comment, “Civil war.”

And because Trump reposted MAGA King Thanos, the American corporate news media lost their minds. To them, it was proof that the former President of the United States was openly advocating for a civil war.

Maybe he was.

Or, maybe Trump thought MAGA King Thanos was implying that the enemy within is already waging a civil war.

Honestly, it was a two-word post. It is open to different interpretations.

But not among the Anti-Trump Resistance.

Immediately, all the usual suspects began clutching their pearls and declaring that Trump wasn’t satisfied with inciting an “insurrection;” now he wants a civil war.

Among those to parrot the Resistance line was the dumbest man in Congress, Eric Swalwell, the corpulent George Conway, and, of course, weepy Adam Kinzinger.

The Resistance’s go-to attorney Seth Abramson claimed on Twitter that Trump reposting a 2-word post from some Truth Social rando reinforces the “already-strong case” that Trump should be barred from running again in 2024 under the Fourteenth Amendment. Abramson demanded that every elected Republican go on record condemning Trump “in the strongest possible terms.”

Another proud member of the Resistance, David Weissman tweeted at Elon Musk, tattling on Trump and demanding to know if Musk wants the same kind of thing posted on Twitter.