Trump White House Aide Was Secret Author Od Report Used During Election

( A report subtitled “OVERVIEW 12/2/20 – History, Executives, Vote Manipulation Ability and Design, Foreign Ties” was drawn to be sent out to legislatures in states where the Trump White administration was trying to have Biden’s victory overturned.

After the 2020 election, a Trump White House aide was found to be the report’s author. The paper alleged that Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden because of tampered Dominion Voting Systems. This information was relied upon in forming the view that the former president should pursue the integrity of the election outcome.

The White House aide-produced report also influenced the former president to sign off on executive orders that authorized sweeping emergency powers.

One version of the Dominion report, available publicly, contains metadata that states its author is Katherine Friess.

Friess was a volunteer on Trump’s post-election legal team.

But she is not the author. It was written by the senior Trump White House policy aide Joanna Miller.

Miller’s name appears on the document’s original version inspected by the Guardian.

An unnamed source, who spoke with anonymity, confirmed these findings.

Miller worked for the senior Trump adviser Peter Navarro. Her name appeared as the author on the cover page but was abruptly switched to Friess. This switch occurred just before the document was released to the public.

Other Trump White House aides associated with Navarro’s office were also removed. Friess claims that she had no connection to the report and did not know why or how her name was on it.

This report said that Dominion Voting Systems had “technology glitches which resulted in thousands of votes being added to Joe Biden’s total ballot count.”

The report stated that Dominion Voting Systems used software from the election company Smartmatic. Smartmatic allegedly was in cahoots with “state-run Venezuelan software and telecommunications companies.”

Navarro incorporated the claims made in the aide-produced paper in his report. This report was written with assistance from Miller and another policy aide, Garrett Ziegler.

Keep in mind an anonymous source is making the claims about Navarro. However, on a podcast, Garrett Ziegler confirmed the allegations made against Navarro, that he and others in Navarro’s office worked on the Navarro report. He stated that this took place two weeks before election day, 2020.

Appearing on a podcast in July, hosted by David K Clements, Ziegler said, “Two weeks before the election, we were doing those reports hoping that we would pepper the swing states with those.”

The Dominion report was also used by the former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who argued that presidential emergency powers could be used if there was foreign interference in our elections.

The revelation that a report was produced by Trump aides, which was the impetus for challenging the election results, isn’t proof that the election outcome resulted from a secure election.

A fabricated report does not explain how Joe Biden, who ran a lackluster and uninspiring campaign, received the most votes in presidential history.

A fabricated report doesn’t explain how every state Joe Biden was losing but needed to win simultaneously paused their count, only to have him win the state by sunrise.

It is also possible that the information provided in the fabricated report is precisely what happened.

Many of the details in the report were based on complaints about Dominion long before the 2020 election.