Trump Trolls Far-Left New York Times Over Mt. Rushmore Jibes

( The far-left New York Times published a piece on Sunday suggesting that President Donald Trump had enquired about the process of becoming the next president to be engraved into the side of Mt. Rushmore. The story, which was based on the fact that Trump administration officials appear to have reached out to the office of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, to ask about the process.

There is no evidence, however, that the Trump administration was asking for purposes of having Trump’s face engraved into stone. It would make much more sense that the president was enquiring to see about the possibility of having Republican President Ronald Reagan memorialized in stone instead. It would make sense because it’s something he’s suggested in the past.

But the piece ran with the idea that the president wants to be the next face on Mt. Rushmore anyway.

“Since the first days after she was elected governor of South Dakota in 2018, Kristi Noem had been working to ensure that President Trump would come to Mt. Rushmore for a fireworks-filled July 4 extravaganza,” The New York Times said. “After all, the president had told her in the Oval Office that he aspired to have his image etched n the monument.”

Well, what president wouldn’t? Desire doesn’t make it an achievable goal or plan.

“And last year, a White House aide reached out to the governor’s office with a question, according to a Republican official familiar with the conversation: ‘What’s the process to add additional presidents to Mount Rushmore?” the far-left paper added.

In response, President Trump channeled his inner troll and did exactly the kind of thing we came to expect from him during the 2016 campaign. He posted a photo of himself smiling and pointing, with his head perfectly placed over an empty piece of rock on Mt. Rushmore. You can see it below.

Remember when conservative author Ann Coulter said that the right takes Trump seriously but not literally, and the left takes him literally but not seriously? It looks like that principle is going to come into play here…because the tweet is already being used by some Democrat voters on Twitter to suggest that the president really is plotting to put himself on Mt. Rushmore.

It’s too easy with these people.