Trump Tells OANN Viewers That MAGA Movement Is Getting Stronger

( Former President Donald Trump is once again giving interviews to news media outlets in the wake of a Senate vote to acquit him following a second impeachment hearing. The 45th President called into One America News Network on Wednesday to talk about his future, the Republican Party’s future, and his admiration for the late Rush Limbaugh.

“The whole conservative movement is going on at a very rapid clip,” the former president said. “If you look at the last election we won so much.”

That’s going to make the Democrats mad…

“You look at what’s going on with the House,” Trump said, before saying that the Georgia Senate races “should have been easily won.”

It comes after the president released a scathing statement criticizing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for aiding Democrats in the Georgia Senate race. Trump accused McConnell of dropping the ball on the issue of COVID relief checks, pushing for a $600 check instead of $2,000.

During the OAN interview, former President Trump said that there was a huge surge of conservatives entering the House of Representatives in the last election and that it was only possible because Republicans “had a very strong ticket at the very top.”

“We got almost 75 million votes,” Trump said. “The movement is very strong and it’s getting stronger.”

It was yet another indication that Trump is not going away, and plans to lead the Republican Party to victories in the 2022 midterms and potentially in the 2024 presidential election, too.

In his statement criticizing McConnell, Trump promised to support America First candidates in upcoming primaries.

On the topic of Rush Limbaugh, the legendary conservative radio host who sadly passed away this week, the president said that “there’s not any one person that can replace Rush.”

“Everyone understands that Rush is someone not just one person can replace,” he added.

Trump also revealed some details about his relationship and conversations with Limbaugh before the election, suggesting that the radio host “fought very hard to make it through the election.”

“He was very, very disappointed with what happened and had very strong opinions on it, like I do, like many people do, frankly,” he added.

With President Trump out of the White House, Republicans now face a decision between advancing the MAGA agenda or reverting to GOP establishment politics that lost to Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

And if President Trump has anything to do with it, the Republican Party will put forward a stronger slate of America First candidates than ever before.