Trump Supporters Claim They’d Vote For Him Even If Jailed

After Donald Trump’s recent appearance in federal court, his supporters have shown unshakable support for the former president, with some committing to vote for him even if he is imprisoned for his alleged crimes.

The former president regularly used the word “witch hunt” to describe Special Counsel Jack Smith’s probe. Fox News was recently on location at a Trump rally in Windham, New Hampshire, where they talked with people who shared this view.

Al from Florida stated, “Even if he’s in prison, I would vote for him.” He said they’re just playing politics and will keep doing it until they finally get rid of him, but he has the resilience to survive.

Joanne, a dual-state resident, said she plans to vote for Trump and pointed out that each new indictment further strengthens her belief.

She said they want him out of the picture because he’s menacing, and the other side has revealed some key information because of it. She feels the other side hides much from her, and Trump exposes it.

Jim from New Hampshire said the accusations strengthened his resolve to vote for Trump. He said it’s difficult to ignore what’s going on since it’s very obvious.

Jason said Providence, Rhode Island resident thinks it’s all a political witch hunt. Since Trump first declared his candidacy, they have not let up in their pursuit of him.

When asked whether they thought any of the Republican candidates would make an excellent second option for president, attendance was split. While some were certain in their support for Trump, others with ties to Florida said they would choose Gov. Ron DeSantis instead.

If Trump doesn’t win, Joanne wants DeSantis, and Al agrees. Joanne said as a Floridian, she has a great deal of respect for her governor, Ron DeSantis.

Jim is confident that his pick is Trump, calling him quite brave and daring. He said what he begins, he always finishes. He said at the beginning of 2016, he announced his goals and has been working toward them amid tremendous resistance. So, he said, you have to respect a person like him.