Trump Sent This Letter To Harry Reid

( Harry Reid was not exactly the most popular politician around, but he’s widely regarded as hugely influential – and following his recent passing, a number of letters sent to him by high-profile politicians have been shared online.

Former President Barack Obama shared his own letter sent to Reid, in which he claimed that they both saw something of themselves in on another, and now we’ve learned that former President Donald Trump also got in touch.

Journalist Jonathan Martin, of the far-left New York Times, recently shared that he found evidence that former President Trump had expressed support to Reid in a letter. Reid reportedly had a letter from Trump in his post-Senate office located in Las Vegas. Martin said that the letter was sent to him after his last win in 2010.

In a tweet, which you can see below, Martin shared a photograph from the letter from Trump.

“Dear Harry: Congratulations — you are amazing! With best wishes, Sincerely, Donald” the letter reads.

Take a look:

2010 was more than a decade ago, and a lot has changed since, but it proves that the Democrats’ claims that former President Donald Trump is a far-right extremist and radical right-winger just isn’t true. Donald Trump has long supported both Republican and Democrat candidates, and his willingness to reach out to and support politicians from both sides shows that Trump cares more about policy and conviction than he does party allegiance.

Shouldn’t the Democrats be praising this?

Or will they start attacking the legacy of Harry Reid for achieving the support of former President Trump?