Trump Says Supreme Court Joining The “Political Persecution” Of Him

( Former President Donald Trump isn’t backing down to Democrat bullying, issuing a statement on Monday in which he slammed the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the release of his tax returns as “continuing political persecution.”

The former president added that officials from New York are distracting the public from the horrific crimes taking place on a daily basis in the city, with violent attacks in the Big Apple hitting record highs on Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s watches.

“This investigation is a continuation of the greatest political Witch hunt in the history of our Country, whether it was the never ending $32 million Mueller hoax, which already investigated everything that could possibly be investigated, ‘Russia Russia Russia,’ where there was a finding of ‘No Collusion,’ or two ridiculous ‘Crazy Nancy’ inspired impeachment attempts where I was found NOT GUILTY,” the former president said.

‘It just never ends!” he added.

It comes after the Supreme Court voted on Monday to reject former President Trump’s efforts to block demands to hand over his tax records to a New York City prosecutor. It followed a long legal battle and is a significant victory for far-left state attorney general Letitia James who announced last year that she would investigate the Trump Organization because…well, because she can.

Donald Trump Jr. came out to criticize the decision, arguing that the Supreme Court is allowing the political persecution of former President Trump by “vindictive Democrats.”

“If they can keep a witch hunt against Trump going for years who can’t they and more importantly who won’t they do it to?” he asked.

Mazars, the accounting company used by the Trump Organization, said that they would immediately comply with the subpoena, meaning Democrats could soon have their hands on Trump’s tax returns.