Trump Says Only Reason GOP Exists Is Because Democrats Have Terrible Policy

( Former President Donald Trump is as busy as ever, but unlike President Joe Biden, he’s actually willing to talk to the press – and during a recent two-hour interview with Breitbart, he revealed how establishment Republicans are being “duped” into supporting the Democrats’ agenda.

Matthew Boyle reports how the former president also said that the “only reason” that the Republican Party even exists at this point is because of how bad the Democratic Party is when it comes to policy. He said that the Democrats also have an ability to “stick together” and that Republicans have failed to do that so far.

He wasn’t vague, either. During the interview, the former president named names, including Utah Senator Mitt Romney, Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy, Utah’s Ben Sasse, and South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham. That’s gotta hurt for Graham – a man who has repeatedly sided with former President Trump, though never consistently. Trump even called out Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who he has been publicly feuding with ever since he never sided with the president on his battle to ensure election integrity.

Trump criticized Congressional Republicans for the judges that they are approving, and said that Lindsey Graham is “voting for all these horrible judges.”

Good point. Why is Senator Lindsey Graham voting for radical, left-wing judges?

“I can’t fathom it,” Trump said.

On the matter of the unprecedented $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill put forward by Democrats and a group of Republicans, Trump said that Republicans “should be ashamed of themselves” for voting in favor of it and that they were “duped.”

You can listen to the interview on Breitbart here.