Trump Says Kellyanne Conway Never Told Him Election Was Fair, Despite Rumors

( Former President Trump contradicts a claim made by one of his closest staffers. Kellyanne Conway claims that when he was in the White House, she was the one who told him he lost the presidential race in 2020.

Trump has repeatedly denied that he lost the election and that the “false” claims about the election contributed to the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

These “false“ claims have contributed to efforts to change the way elections are conducted in the future across the country.

In a statement he published on Thursday on his newly launched social media site, Truth Social, President Trump stated that Kellyanne Conway never told him that she felt they lost the election. Had she done so, he would not have continued to deal with her; she would have been in the wrong; she would have been able to return to her insane husband.

Conway is married to Republican attorney and Washington insider George Conway, who has conflicted with Trump during his administration. The Lincoln Project, a political action organization that works to defeat Donald Trump, had George Conway as one of its founding members.

Kellyanne Conway claims in her new biography, which was released this week that she may have been the first person in Donald Trump’s trusted inner circle to inform him that he had “come up short this time.”

During the weeks that followed the election, senior advisers to Trump and his associates made appearances in the media and posted on social media with the suggestion that the election had not been conducted honestly and had been rigged.

In August of 2020, Conway left her position as senior counselor to the president after serving as the campaign manager for President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.
Conway discusses her marriage openly and honestly in her book. She also criticizes the media for reporting the public conflict and the controversial social media postings of her daughter, who was 15 years old at the time.

Since Kellyanne Conway departed the Trump administration, President Trump has seldom publicly criticized Kellyanne Conway.

On Thursday, Trump stated something along the lines of, “Writing books can make people say some very weird things.”