Trump Says He Won’t Get COVID Booster

( Former President Donald Trump famously took the COVID-19 vaccine that was developed as a result of his Operation Warp Speed, an initiative that incentivized private pharmaceutical companies to quickly develop a vaccine to the Chinese coronavirus with the help of government money. The former president took the vaccine even though he had already recovered from the virus and has natural immunity, but it looks like he’s getting tired of the insistence of public health officials that Americans should be forced to continually take booster shots whether they like it or not.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal in an interview that was published last Friday, former President Trump said that he “probably won’t” take a third shot of the vaccine if health regulators go ahead with their expected plans to authorize a third shot for Americans.

Trump said he will “look at that stuff later on” and that while he is not against it, it’s probably not for him.

As it stands, the Food and Drug Administration has authorized only the first and second shots of the vaccine. A third shot has only been authorized for use among people who are immunocompromised, meaning that they are more vulnerable to the virus than the majority of the public.

Trump’s support for the vaccine has persisted throughout the pandemic, but he has remained critical of the way the federal government – under Joe Biden’s leadership – has attempted to strong-arm people into taking the vaccine even when they aren’t comfortable with it.

During a speech in Alabama last month, Trump told a crowd that he personally supports and recommends the vaccines – to which he received a flutter of “boos.” The media didn’t stop talking about it for a week, but what they didn’t report is that the president told the crowd that he believes it is their choice and that he respects their freedom – something no Democrat politician has said during this pandemic.

If the man responsible for this quick development of the COVID-19 vaccine is even questioning a third shot, shouldn’t everybody else be questioning it too?