Trump Says He Is Responsible For Current Space Race In Historic Announcement

( Former President Donald Trump caused a lot of commotion with a speech he gave on Sunday during the Texas Conservative Political Action Conference. As well as reminding the country about the problem of election fraud and misconduct – which got his speech booted from YouTube – he also described how he made it possible for billionaires Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk to build new private space travel companies.

On the day of his speech, Trump told Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures that he “made it possible” for billionaires to develop the technology and compete with NASA. It comes after Virgin CEO Richard Branson made history by becoming the first billionaire to travel to the edge of space using space rockets developed entirely b the private sector.

Trump told Fox that he told his people during the Trump administration to allow the private sector to do what NASA does.

He told anchor Maria Bartiromo that the U.S. government should lease facilities to these private space companies to allow them to develop technology that might ultimately send men to Mars.

Trump said that he re-opened the facilities because they were “dead” or “essentially closed for the most part.”

Branson unexpectedly announced his trip to space after Amazon founder and former CEO Jeff Bezos announced his plans to travel to space with his brother and a hand-picked selection of other American citizens. Branson beat him to it.

Trump said that his position was to let Elon Musk, founder of Space X, send up rockets if he wanted to do it.

“We’ll charge him some rent. Let him do it, let these guys do it,” Trump reminisced.

You can watch the interview here.

Trump said he was glad he took the action, too, as the advancement being seen in space technology is something we wouldn’t have seen if it was done the “old-fashioned way.”

Fact check: true.

American astronauts landed on the moon in the 60s. Clearly the old way of doing things isn’t working as men have yet to land on Mars.

Branson’s trip to the edge of space is expected to mark a whole new era of commercial space travel, and while the tickets to join the next flight run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, it could mean that space travel becomes an affordable reality for regular people in the future.

And we can thank former President Trump!