Trump Says General Miley Last Person He Would Want To Start Coup With

( In a statement issued on Thursday, former President Donald Trump denied rumors that he threatened or discussed a government coup after the 2020 presidential election was compromised by election fraud and Joe Biden was labeled the “president-elect.”

In the statement, Trump made it clear that he never threatened anybody or even discussed a “coup” of the U.S. federal government. He also said that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley would be one of the last people he’d ever ask to take part in a coup, if he were to do such a thing.

“So ridiculous!” the former president said, saying that the only “coup” he would be involved in is a far election.

The weird accusations come from a book titled “I Alone Can Fix It,” written by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker of the Washington Post, The book claims that Gen. Milley and a number of others were concerned that the former president would stage a coup to stay in power, which appears to be buying into the fake narrative that ensuring election integrity and uncovering election fraud is a “coup.”

It’s not.

The book even suggests that Gen. Milley discussed the possibility of a coup taking place with his colleagues, but provided no evidence whatsoever that the former president had plotted such a thing.

This isn’t North Korea or China…

Former President Trump has repeatedly butted heads with Gen Milley since the last election, and President Trump issued a scathing attack against him in the recent statement. He claimed that he was only able to get the job because he was appointed to his position because the “world’s most overrated general, James Mattis,” could not stand him and wouldn’t recommend him.

“To me the fact that Mattis didn’t like him, just like Obama didn’t like him and actually fired Milley, was a good thing, not a bad thing. I often act counter to people’s advice who I don’t respect,” Trump said.


He also reminded the press in his statement that Gen. Milley criticized threats to send in the military to control the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots of 2020.

What kind of General wouldn’t want to use the force of the military to stop extremist insurgents from destroying homes, businesses, and cities across America?