Trump Responds To 2024 Rumors

( Ever since former President Donald Trump was forced to concede to Joe Biden after the 2020 presidential race, despite evidence of widespread misconduct and fraud, rumors have circulated that the 45th President would run again in 2024.

And now, we’ve heard a little more about former President Trump’s thought process on this.

During an interview with Greg Kelly on Newsmax TV, Trump said he wasn’t ready to reveal his plans, but offered a little indication of what might be on the horizon.

“I won’t say yet, but we have tremendous support,” the former president said. “And I’m looking at poll numbers that are through the roof.”

It’s not a commitment to running, but it’s certainly an indication that he is considering it.

It isn’t clear what poll numbers Trump was talking about, but a poll of Republicans recently revealed that he is a strong frontrunner in the race to become the next Republican candidate.

A Morning Consult/Politico poll showed the former president massively ahead of other Republican candidates for the 2024 primaries, with some 53% support in the party. Former Vice President Mike Pence was second behind the former president, with 12%.

Third was Donald Trump Jr., who has never before held political office, and who matched with GOP establishment figure and neo-con Nikki Haley.

Those could well be the “through the roof” figures the former president was talking about.

The president, in one of his first interviews since leaving the White House, told the outlet that he is the “only guy who gets impeached and my numbers go up.”

“Figure that one out,” he joked.

“Let’s say somebody gets impeached, typically your numbers would go down. They would go down like a lead balloon,” he added.

The effect is likely a result of the partisan efforts by the Democrats to impeach the former president over virtually anything, even inventing the remarkable story that he incited a violent insurrection on Capitol Hill on January 6.

During the same interview, the president indicated that he wouldn’t be backing down from his attacks on the GOP establishment, calling many Republicans “soft.”

“They only hit their own, like Mitch,” he said.

Whether the former president runs or not in 2024, it already seems certain that he will help set the agenda for the party in the 2022 midterms and for whoever becomes the next presidential candidate.