Trump Promises “Final Battle” To Fans

Donald Trump plans to organize a “truth and reconciliation commission” if he should resume office after his four-year Biden-induced hiatus.

On Tuesday, a video was posted to the Trump War Room Twitter account where the president unveiled a 10-point plan to dismantle the “deep state,” the network of powerful and mysterious individuals purported to rule the government behind closed doors.

A part of the proposal unveiled by his 2024 campaign was the creation of the committee to uncover the purported network. 

Trump’s executive order from October 2020, which he never fully executed, created a new classification of government employees dubbed “Schedule F.”

With the new classification, federal workers whose work involves policy-making or advocating no longer qualify for the civil service employment protection that had been in place for over 135 years.

As he has said, order will be restored if he returns to the oval office in 2024. A provision that would have prohibited the order was proposed by Democrats to the National Defence Authorization Act last year, but it was ultimately deleted from the measure before it was enacted in December.

Recent Republican rhetoric has claimed that Democrats are persecuting conservatives, and Trump’s promise to remove “corrupt” officials who are purportedly serving “the left” supports this argument.

This year, a select committee investigating the “weaponization of the federal government” was created under Republican control of the House. 

Wiretapping requests submitted by the government must be reviewed and authorized by federal courts created under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The courts have been criticized from both the left and the right for supposedly “rubber stamping” monitoring of American individuals and seldom rejecting requests.

After Trump claimed the courts were helping the Democrats on a “witch hunt” when they approved monitoring his former campaign adviser Carter Page as part of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, he has been demanding change.

Smashing the Deep State is the cornerstone of the 2024 Trump platform, which he calls “the final battle.”