Trump Not Considering Replacing Pence For 2024

( Here’s an interesting story from Mediaite. During a recent interview with the outlet, an adviser to President Donald Trump, Jason Miller, said that the former president hasn’t discussed replacing former Vice President Mike Pence on a possible 2024 ticket.

After a plethora of media outlets published stories about the former president considering a 2024 run without former Vice President Pence, following a falling out over the response to fraud and misconduct in the 2020 election, Miller said that Trump hasn’t even discussed it. He also said that Pence had been a “loyal ally” to Trump.

Speaking to Aidan McLaughlin during an episode of “The Interview,” Miller suggested that surrogates for Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota may have been behind a Bloomberg report claiming Pence running with Trump again was off the cards.

“I wonder who was pushing this story? Could it maybe be the supporters of Governor Noem?” Miller said.

Miller said that while the former President has “kept his cards pretty close to the vest” in regards to a possible 2024 run, he insisted that Pence is in no real danger of being replaced, should he want to run again in 2024. He even reported that the former Vice President and Trump remain on good terms, even after their public disagreements on objecting to Electoral College votes.

“I can tell you, as someone who probably speaks with him on the political side as much, if not more than anybody else, never once has there been a conversation internally or in a group about doing something different for the VP position for 2024 if he decides to go that route,” he said.

“President Trump and Vice President Pence have had a couple of really good conversations since President Trump left office,” he continued.

McLaughlin noted how many attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference were “still upset” with pence for certifying the Electoral College vote – a feeling likely felt by a large portion of Trump voters.

Miller admitted that many Trump supporters might be a “little bit frustrated with the former vice president” but added that he is a “great guy” and a “loyal ally, loyal teammate.”

“And I think President Trump still has pretty high regard and fondness for Vice President Pence,” he added.

Very little is known about a possible 2024 run so far, and who the president might choose to work with him on the campaign. The former president recently reconnected with conservative commentator Steve Bannon, who advised then-candidate Trump during his early 2016 campaign.

Some reports have even speculated that members of the Trump family will play an even more important role in his campaign and possible future administration.