Trump Media CEO Nunes Girds for ‘Battle of All Battles’ Against Big Tech Wokeness

( Former Rep. Devin Nunes, the GOP legislator who left Congress recently to head up former President Donald Trump’s new social media company, told conservative news outlet Breitbart on Friday that the company is preparing for the “battle of all battles.”

The Trump Technology and Media Group (TMTG) was established by the former president to launch a new social media network designed to compete with Twitter, known as TRUTH Social. It is set to be launched in February. The company is also planning to launch new online channels which will focus on TV-style content, podcasts, and more.

Speaking to Breitbart, Nunes explained how today’s tech companies are “bigger than historical global empires.” He said that they have become more powerful than most governments and even have more money and wealth than many of the greatest empires in history – which is true.

“And they’re completely out of control,” he said.

Nunes explained how his experience representing people in Congress has helped him learn how to take things to the “next level,” and that he sees his work in the new media company as the “battle of all battles.”

Trump and Nunes will need to start with navigating the world of social media apps, and staying within the rules and regulations put in place by Apple and Google to determine whether an app can stay on their app store. Should either of these companies decide that the new Trump social media app goes against their guidelines, they can quickly and easily delete it from their stores and remove access to the application for millions of users.

That’s just battle number one…

Next, they’ll have to navigate the world of digital media content, and going up against some of the biggest names in the business.