Trump Makes Huge Political Hires Amid 2024 Rumors

( Former President Donald Trump hasn’t yet confirmed whether he plans on running for office in 2024, but a report from Business Insider reveals how he recently hired Susie Wiles, a veteran political operative, to manage his upcoming election operations.

Either the former president is preparing to take back the White House, or is putting his money where his mouth is on the 2022 midterm elections.

According to the report, the president hired Wiles at the end of March. She previously worked on the Trump 2016y campaign, running battleground state operations.

“She is in a position of influence right now,” a Trump advisor told Business Insider. “The question is: what direction does Susie take the organization?”

Politico reported that Wiles has been “tasked with overseeing Trump’s fundraising operation and creating a system for issuing endorsements,” a sign that Trump is taking the 2022 midterms seriously.

“Notably, she will layer over Trump’s former campaign manager Bill Stepien and deputy Justin Clark, as well as the committee of people who currently help decide endorsements,” the outlet revealed.

Politico also said that Trump has “expressed frustration” with Clark and Stepien, but that he is “not firing them.”

An adviser said that “the president tells everyone around Mar-a-Lago that Susie is now in charge.”

Another anonymous source said that the former president is suspicious of a number of aides around him who have separate clients, wondering whether they are using their connections to him to generate business for their companies.

“There was a lot of smoke around, ‘If I’m your consultant then I can get the president to endorse him,’” another Trump adviser said. “Making money off him or using him is the thing he hates the most.”

Wiles reportedly favors interacting with voter outreach to those who supported President Trump in 2016 to help him win another election and assisted with his historic win in Florida in November last year. Through her use of data, Wiles helped the Trump campaign secure the state as a Republican state for potentially many years to come – though, Trump was ultimately let down in the states where widespread voter irregularities and misconduct occurred.

Could Wiles be Trump’s ticket to success in 2024 and the Republicans’ success in 2022?