Trump Lawyer: Legislators In Swing States Will Switch To Trump

( Jenna Ellis, an attorney representing President Donald Trump, said on Monday that she was confident at least one state legislature would take back its power in choosing its state’s presidential electors, following evidentiary hearings that showed widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Ellis said that she and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani have been focused on the legislative route to remedy the flawed 2020 presidential election, and that she believes state legislatures should take back their constitutional authority to ensure they select the right delegates.

“So when all of these rules and laws in their states have been ignored, it’s actually their constitutional obligation, responsibility, and exclusive power to make sure that they take back their delegates and they don’t allow these false certifications to simply move forward,” Ellis told Fox.

She also explained how she believes the state of Georgia was on the verge of doing precisely that, regardless of the “safe harbor” deadline. Ellis added that she hoped Pennsylvania and Arizona state legislatures would then follow suit.

“We’re very confident that at least in Georgia and hopefully also in Arizona, in Pennsylvania, and also in Michigan, that these state legislatures will really take election integrity very seriously, they will reclaim their delegates before the 14th, and that they will then do their own election integrity independent investigation, and then they will certify to the Electoral College the delegates that actually reflects the will of the people, not these false, corrupt results,” she added.

The December 14th date refers to the day of the Electoral College meeting, in which the presidential electors will cast their votes for the next president of the United States. As it stands, Biden is set to receive sufficient Electoral College votes to become the next president, but with days to go, that could all change.

At the same time, the state of Texas announced a suit against four battleground states this week and was joined by 17 other Republican states in its bid to get the case to the Supreme Court this month. The case calls for the decertification of the election results in states where widespread fraud evidence has been documented, which could result in special elections or the simple removal of these presidential electors from the Electoral College vote.